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What analog film camera should I buy?

 If you want to know what camera to buy, you might want to read the following guest post by Thom (theothercameraguy). I have asked Thom to share his wisdom with the analog community and Thom’s words can be an eye opener for you, the beginner or might help you the seasoned photographer to get rid […]

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Tonia Brekalo Special: Olympus MJU II rewind tool

Just A quick view for Tonia Brekalo

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Camera Review: Leica Mini II

Introduction Camera Review no. 1: Leica Mini II I need to get some content for this website and I have to test the cameras that will be sold in the shop. So, why not combine the two and start a camera review category on the website. Haven’t put a review together for the first 20 […]

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Today’s Analog Device: Yashica Electro 35 GS

Today’s analog device is a camera from our own collection: the classic analog rangefinder camera Yashica Electro 35 GS. Will this camera be my go-to street photography camera? I have bought this particular camera back in 2015, just based on her look. I am still in love with the look of this camera. It might […]

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