About Analog Club Amsterdam

Analog Club Amsterdam Introduction

Analog Club Amsterdam is a place that connects like-minded people who have a love for analog technology and particularly analog photography. Analog Club Amsterdam has been given the opportunity to start the analog journey by monitoring the photography darkroom at MK24. Besides running the photography darkroom Analog Club Amsterdam wants to organise photowalks, organise screenings, make a zine, have an exhibition and organise workshops. Analog Club Amsterdam will be a club of contemporary analog photography and arts.

Meetups, photo walks, screenings, workshops, and exhibitions are open for members and non-members (want to see a list of  members and visitors). As a final result, our aim is to organise a yearly analog festival.

Our space consists of 2 separate rooms (well in fact 3 as the darkroom is divided in 2 spaces); a darkroom with 10 enlargers and an area where you can develop your black and white film, examine your negatives you want to print or have a drink and chat.

Black and White Darkroom

  • Glass for Contact Print
  • All basic chemicals
  • Easels
  • Grain focuser
  • 35 mm + 6×6 negative holders
  • Big light table
  • Multigrade Filters or contrast control by Durst filtration
  • Print dryer

Black and White Film development

  • Paterson tanks
  • HC-110 developer
  • All basic chemicals
  • Film negative dryer

Open Call

As Analog Club Amsterdam grows every week we are always looking for good ideas, volunteers, donations and promotion. If you think you can be of any help,  don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Interested in joining our club? Please, contact us via our form or send an email: analogclubamsterdam [at] gmail.com

Happy Shooting

Donatie in de vorm van foto en filmspullen zijn altijd welkom. Bijvoorbeeld analoge camera’s, oude filmrolletjes en/of oude doka spullen zijn altijd welkom. Zeker als het gaat om Durst vergroters.