Olympus Pen EE-2 :: Halfframe Camera – half the frame double the fun

My previous camera review was a panoramic camera: the KMZ FT-2. Well, now I am testing and reviewing the opposite a half-frame camera by Olympus. Olympus might well be the company that brought the most different half-frame cameras on the market.  I will stick to the EE series and I copy + paste the following half-frame cameras:

  • Pen EE
  • Pen EE.S
  • Pen EE.2
  • Pen EE.3
  • Pen EES.2
  • Pen EED
  • Pen EF


  • Olympus Pen EE-2
  • Point & shoot

Camera Specs?

  • selenium meter
  • fixed focusing
  • 28mm width (a bit like capturing the world with your mobile phone)
  • f3.5
  • auto exposure

Where did I test the camera and which film did I use?

  • on the streets of Amsterdam with a Fuji c200 film roll. I split a roll of fuji in two. So I just need to shoot 17-18 frames, but with a half-frame camera that still means 36 frames
  • I set the iso to 100 and not box speed at 200 just to get some extra light/overexposed a bit
  • I walk around with diptych¬† in mind
  • Even with a half-frame camera the first frame fails

Background story?

  • One of the many half-frame cameras Olympus brought to market in the 1960s
  • When finding one of the Olympus Pen EE’s I immediately check for the famous “red-flag”
    • cover the selenium part of the lens and fire the shutter
    • a red flag should pop-up
  • Talking about red I, I can’t figure out how this ‘red light leak’ only seems to appear once on the roll? It does work with the red in the car (the car stood in complete shadow and I was focusing on the dices)

Handling the camera

  • I have to say testing this little camera was quite fun to do. I walked around and tried to make some diptych photos.
  • I missed the ability to focus or even the famous 1 person, 2 persons or mountain settings eq zone focusing
  • I only set the iso to 100, but this camera also has the opportunity to set aperture priority and there is even a special flash setting
  • I also forgot to think about the camera orientation (portrait vs landscape) during my walk. Diptychs with portrait frames next to each other works much better than:

Unless I guess when you really think about two or more images and by not including text would make it easier.

This camera deserves definitely another walk and maybe even a POV video while shooting the streets

Here is the rest of the roll I shoot with the Olympus Pen EE-2.




  • Compact
  • Double the frames
  • ASA ISO dial setting
  • no batteries neccassry
  • 2.8 lens
  • simple to use
  • auto exposure


  • no speed settings so no manual control
  • no focussing control
  • not a LEICA

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Happy shooting and keep it analog

I have to admit I got a little bit of a problem called: G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I have been collecting analog cameras for quite a few years now, should be a decade or so. I am trying to overcome my problem and will sell the majority of my collection and keep just a few cameras. But before I sell a camera I have the urge to test the camera and write a little review (or maybe ask one of my fellow club members to do so).

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  1. Test

  2. I have one of these cameras ,it was my late Father’s, just wondering how do they perform of a night ?

    1. Hello Peggy,

      Are you wondering how these camera’s will hold up during a night shoot? Well as the max setting is iso 400 it’s tricky but you can use some nice flash with it. The are relaly fun to shoot with

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