Members & Visitors introduction

A Club without its members is just an empty space. Meet the members, visitors, and sponsors of Analog Club Amsterdam! Who are those ladies and gents who set aside their digital urge and are willing to get their hands dirty to create something tangible;

  • from a print to a poem
  • from a zine to a super 8 vid, cassette based beats we like it all.
With these series of small interviews we put each member, visitor or sponsor in the spotlight. We start each interview with a random 5 questions and see what happens. Why they still shoot analog or make use of a typewriter.

ACA x Rijksmuseum: Early Photographs of Japan

Exclusive Preview Early Photographs of Japan (1 July – 4 September 2022). Together we will organize an exclusive preview with a tour from the curator. From 1 July, the Rijksmuseum will devote an exhibition to the earliest known Dutch photographs of Japan. It was only by sheer good fortune that Antoon Bauduin’s photographs escaped destruction […]

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Sunday June 27 General Info

Some general group information / rules (online and offline 😉 ) —————— – be kind to each other – please be positive – please hold back on the self promotion – please, this is not a marketplace (no advertisements) – no spam – Please, don’t trash talk online shops / persons / personalities (some might […]

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Famous Photographers and their cameras

Simply a list of well-known photographers and the cameras they used Name Camera(s) Saul Leiter Leica M4, occasionally a Rollie 6×6, and a Canon A1, Leica CL, Minox EL, Olympus XA Daido Moriyama Ricoh Compact Cameras Lens: Ricoh built-in 28mm equivalent. Martin Parr Leica M3, Nikon 60mm macro lens combined with a SB29 ring flash, […]

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Analog Photography Photowalk

What analog film camera should I buy?

 If you want to know what camera to buy, you might want to read the following guest post by Thom (theothercameraguy). I have asked Thom to share his wisdom with the analog community and Thom’s words can be an eye opener for you, the beginner or might help you the seasoned photographer to get rid […]

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Initiator of Analog Club Amsterdam, where it all started with a refound love for analog photography

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