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Past Analog Events

ACA x Rijksmuseum Collaboration: Early photographs of Japan – Antoon Bauduin – a review by an ACA member - Early photographs of Japan – Antoon Bauduin On 24th of June we got the chance to visit a new exhibition in the Rijksmuseum about Antoon Bauduin and his (an other) early photographs of Japan. The exhibition is set to be open for the general public from 1 July to 4 September. We were very fortunate […]
ACA Event Number 10 :: Analog Photo Walk #9 – Portraits and ACA Talks - Just like my other photowalk posts this post will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development time 😉 Last Update: May 24th 2022 If you enjoyed this analog event or like to support ACA here’s a gift request link: >>>> https://betaalverzoek.knab.nl/ucyv304Wzlw0Ech
Analog Club Amsterdam X Blast Galaxy Analog Event #4: Photowalk + Photo Contest - Read about our 4th Analog Event in Amsterdam: a photowalk started at Blast Galaxy + Photo Contest
Analog Event #3: 2nd Photowalk + Film Camera Clinic - Our 3rd analog event was a collaboration with Amsterdam Camera Repairs. This was a two-part event. Part A was a Photowalk and Part B was a photo clinic by Alan.
Analog Cameras: Leica Rolleiflex Pentax Analog Event #2: Meetup and little Photowalk - Our first photowalk because it was too hot to be in the darkroom. Organize on short notice but it was great

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About Analog Club Amsterdam

A Club of Creatives celebrating The Joy of Analog

Analog Club Amsterdam is a place that connects like-minded people who have a preloved for analog technology and particularly analog photography.
We have a darkroom with 10 enlargers, where we print together and have a chat. Besides printing, ACA plans to do photowalks, organise screenings, make a zine, have an exhibition and organise workshops.

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