Analog Event #4 | Analog Photography Photowalk

Just like the other photowalk post this post will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development time 😉
Last Update: October 7th

Sunday, September 27th, 2020.


I like collaborations and I like to organize an analog event / photowalk with a certain theme in mind. The previous analog photowalk was a collaboration with Amsterdam Camera Repairs ( read a little recap here) and was a great success. Again I wanted something extra and this time I was looking for a collaboration with tungsten light in mind. I came up with the idea to start the photowalk in the best arcade hall in Amsterdam: Blast Galaxy. Why start an analog photowalk inside you might think? Well, the explanation is very selfish. I wanted to try Kodak Vision 3 500T and was looking for a good excuse to buy myself a bulkfilm of Cinestill 800 😉
And what better place to photograph some tungsten lights than an arcade gaming hall. So I hooked up with the Master Chef at Blast Galaxy, my good friend Nghia, and he made it possible Analog Club Amsterdam could start the photowalk inside (Many thanks Nghia/Blast Galaxy). I kept it a secret for the majority of the participants and my only clue was to bring or shoot iso 800 or more. Glad a lot of the participants were up for the challenge. And yes, due to the COVID reality there were also participants enjoying a cup of coffee outside.

Friendly Photo Contest

Blast Galaxy was not the only company that got an email from me. I was happy with the positive messages I got back from FOAM and as well. They were game to give me some products (magazines and analog photography-related products) for my friendly photo contest. I also looked in my vault to see which camera could use a new owner and it’s time for me to say goodbye to my Konica C35.
For the photo contest I came up with 3 themes:

  • PLAY

How to Enter the Photo Contest?

Each participant of the photowalk can enter per theme-based contest with 2 photos or 1 maybe a photo serie.  Just send your entry per theme to with:

    • subject line: [theme] [title (if you have one)][instagram name]
    • in the body text:  your camera and film roll used and any information you like to share with the community, please.
    • attach the photo files
    • deadline:  Friday October 16th

Now let’s see which frames are coming in and stay tuned who and how the winners are selected.

The Photowalk Map

Again, I didn’t share my plotted map beforehand, and even during the photowalk participants were clueless about which route we would walk. I did share my live location, so each participant could find the horde again.
After our start in Blast Galaxy we went to Art City situated in the NDSM loods. Totally forgot the famous fleamarket was taking place on the same weekend. So I skipped the graffiti pieces and went straight to Art City, where we stayed for about 1 hour.

Here the group got split into two and perhaps more groups. I decided to share the photowalk route and to wait a bit for all participants to join again. It must be at film museum EYE were all participants were together again. For those who couldn’t make it or those curious where we walked, here is the route we walked:

Ok, enough of my Engrish here are a view visual impressions of Analog Club Amsterdam Photowalk #3

Polaroid Madness by Tim Verheijen

[easy-image-collage id=2624]

Impression made by William (analog M42 lens 😉 )

[easy-image-collage id=2631]

Nice overview of the Analog Club Amsterdam crew by bobbiciao

My 2nd time shooting with Kodak Vision 3 500T and home developed in some well-used C-41 (Tetanal kit). Indoors went ok.

And using Kodak Vision 3 500T outside during daytime with my Minolta XD7 an orange filter, straight scan no post 🙁 . Which filter would be better or no-filter at all??

Instax Wide Drinks

Instax Present

I like to thank everyone for attending and their TIKKIE love: ‘ACA Photowalk Donation’ ……even donations from those who could not make it to the photowalk (you know who you are).
I will leave the TIKKIE until it expires ;):

Donate by TIKKIE

I am planning to organize more analog events in the (near) future (surely, once the COVID situation is under control) and hope to see you again. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or want to collab leave a comment, use the contact form or contact me per email.
In the meantime don’t forget to visit Analog Club Amsterdam website once in a while and follow the ACA Instagram account and please share with likeminded analog shooters.


Me framed_by_wietse

And a little recap vid I put together (tx Wietse)

Shout Out and Special thanks to those that made this analog event edition a good one:

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