Analog Day | Photowalk + Camera Clinic by Analog Club Amsterdam x Amsterdam Camera Repairs

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Watch the whole Analog Event Impression Clip made by © Niall O’Donovan

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 was a great analog day. In collaboration with Amsterdam Camera Repairs, we organized an analog day. The day was divided into two parts. Part A was a Photowalk and Part B was a Film Camera Clinic by Alan. This collab feels good and the feedback we got so far is very positive, so follow us for our next analog event.

Part A: Photowalk through the Eastside of Amsterdam

After Analog Club Amsterdam first Photowalk, which I announced on short notice I made sure I announced the 2nd Photowalk more in advance. After asking participants to comment on my Instagram post and to send me a dm with their mobile number I created a dedicated Whatsapp group. It’s really fun to read and see everyone’s pre-event actions. Ranging from which camera + film to bring, where to buy film to showing their transit to the meeting point.

My Plotted Route

So I plotted this route in the week of July 17th and did it by bicycle first. For those who couldn’t make the Photowalk or maybe someone needs to geolocate their photo. Here is the route we walked:

The weather on scouting day was a sunny 16 kind of day. But, Saturday the day before our event the weather forecast made me a bit nervous as it was pouring rain from 9-12 pm and I was thinking it would become an overcast f5.6 the next day.
But Sunday, was indeed a sunny day. I was really glad I could put away my raincoat and waterproof boots and wear my shorts. After putting on a face-mask, I took the metro for a 5 min ride (where I met ACA-member Niall by coincidence) 45 mins before our start time.
I am glad that people of all districts were present:

  • Amsterdam-West
  • Amsterdam-Oost
  • Amsterdam-Zuid
  • Amsterdam-Noord
  • and the rest

No, I am joking really humble and proud people made the trip to Amsterdam and brought a good mood from

  • Andijk
  • Den Bosch
  • Rotterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Purmerend
  • Amersfoort
  • Den Haag
  • Alkmaar
  • Voorschoten
  • London, Sydney …….oh wait …..

*let me know if I accidentally skipped your hometown

When to start seems to be difficult when you know some people can’t make it on time (not their fault). But at 10:10 I held my hopefully short and understandable Dutch/English introduction and we did the famous who-are-you-what-camera-did-you bring introduction.

I shared my live location during the Photowalk and apparently more and more analog shooters join the pack (we ended with 40 analog shooters). The route had a distance of about 6km and I might have set the walking pace a bit too fast. When I lead the next Photowalk, I need to take into account that metering and composing with analog cameras takes a bit longer (vs iPhone).

Walking and Talking and shooting some frames between the two.

Here is an overview of the frames taken during the photo walk

The following Frames were taken by Raul

Photos by Nuno Cruz

And a really cool contact sheet made by Cinta Janssen. During the photo walk Cinta Janssen framed all double exposures:

Mister Tim Wiegerinck brought his Mamiya RB67 and turned it into a mamiyapan camera and people could try it out. Resulting in these frames:

And another color impression by Rob (zouteharing)

And a nice black and white impression by Rob Haring

Also Some nicec black and white photos taken by Henrique (



Part B: Film Camera Clinic by Amsterdam Camera Repairs

After every analog shooter had grabbed a bite to eat and bought him or herself some drinks, we could chill out a bit in the garden of MK24 (thanks for giving us the opportunity), after which it was time to start Part B.

Because of the Covid situation, we tried to divid the group in 2 / 3 batches to visit Alan.

Mister Alan brought his special equipment (a shutter speed tester) and people brought working and non-working analog cameras to have Alan do a health check and to answer technical questions about the cameras.


Darkroom Doka Analog Club Amsterdam
Our Darkroom For Analog Photography

Meanwhile, I was busy showing people our Doka and to promote the analog courses at MK24. Again really glad to see the analog community is so enthusiastic and even more stoked a new analog course has been booked on the spot by Jamie and hopefully a future Analog Club Amsterdam member!

All-in-all a very good analog day, with great conversation and a lot of positive energy. Hope to see you again and help us expand the analog community even larger.

Barry – Analog Club Amsterdam

Framed by Niall

List of Instagram accounts present at the Photowalk (send me a DM if I missed your account and you want to be listed)


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