Analog Photography Event #6 :: Museum + Photo walk + Talks

This Post will be updated regularly when film have been developed and frames have been selected
LAST UPDATE: August 2nd

Museum Huis Marseille

As with all my analog photo walks I like to add something extra. In the past, I did a collab with Amsterdam Camera Repair, with the guys at Blast Galaxy and a give-away by the likes of FOAM, and off-course the ability to use HQ MK24.

Well for analog event #6 on Sunday, June 27th we had the pleasure to start the event at Huis Marseille, Museum of Photography in Amsterdam. During the planning of analog event #6 the government had still some restrictions. Fortunately, on Saturday the restrictions were loosened a bit and we were allowed to enter the museum with 15 persons per 15 mins. With a pre-registration of 70 analog film shooters and 59 showing up during our museum visit, ACA was taking over Huis Marseille ;).

The current exhibition entitled “Infinite Identities – Photography in the Age of Sharing”, centers around

“eight contemporary artists and photographers show how the photographic social medium of Instagram works for them as a digital podium, an archive, an atelier, a source of inspiration, and a platform for interaction and documentation.”

The Analog Photography Bridge

After some time spent in Huis Museum, in the amazing photo book library and in the garden it was time to start with part B: the analog photo walk.  I told the different groups and persons who skipped the museum to meet on the bridge at 12:00. And after a quick welcome I was speechless when the ACA community handed me two envelopes. I wasn’t planning to open the envelopes during the day but more about later.

Start walking already

8 frames taken by Dmitrii speedest developer

Polaroid Frames by Mathijs Polaroid Posse


Frames by Andy

Frames by Alessio

And some “Daido” like frames by Guy

Frames by Stan

And some special frames by Tim V shooting black and white film and showing them in color (Tri-chrome)

Frames by Raul

Frames by Tim W

Frames by Nuno

Frames by Gabriele

Drinks & Gear and Photography Talks

The moment we arrived at ACA HQ we had a little break for some food (tosti’s) and drinks before groups were on their way to the talks while others stayed in the garden for some more drinks and photography talks.

Talks that became lectures

Besides Huis Marseille as an extra, I also asked two guys (Nuno and Douwe) if they would be willing to give a ACA talk about their analog-related projects they embraced during the pandemic. One talk or better lecture was about a precious Polaroid SX-70  hack and the other lecture was about cyanotype and why not build your own cyanotype enlarger!

For those interested in the talks, you can find information here:

Frames made with a vintage lens on a d….. body (you can’t win them all) by William


A big Shout Out to the ACA community for your generous films/book gift!!

Thank You For The Gift
Thank You ACA community for the film/books gift

Thank you

Thank you for coming and bringing a positive and good mood. I hope you have shot more frames than I have ( 8 frames). But more importantly, I hope you made some new connections and are planning to attend future ACA events.
I want to especially thank Nuno and Douwe for their talks/lectures. Nuno’s clean Polaroid SX-70 hack for his precious Polaroid camera (analog cameras have the habit to be previously owned by love ones). And Douwe who makes his own tools to make his own enlarger to make his own large prints.

We will see each other soon again!

Stay healthy, stay safe and keep it analog!

Here’s a list of attendees of analog event #6 (already):

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