Analog Photography Event #7 :: Photo walk + Members & Friends exhibition

This Post will be updated regularly when films have been developed and frames have been selected
LAST UPDATE: October 15th 2021

Short ACA analog event #7 recap

It was already ACA analog event number 7 last Sunday, October 3rd. This time the extra I had planned was an exhibition of handmade prints by ACA members (& friends) and a blind print swap.  I really want to thank every member who took the time to make some fresh prints and joined the exhibition and blind print swap. Also good to see that friends like Bas, Mike, and Joris were right on time with their prints.

My original photo walk route was around 9 km. But, due to a lot of DM’s I altered the route and cut off 2.5km in case it would rain. I was hoping for this:

0.0mm while we do the photo walk. Well, Zeus thought differently and treated us with a bit of drizzling water from the sky.

Are we made of Sugar?

“Are we made of sugar” seems to be a Dutch saying and is a typical Dutch decease when it’s pouring rain. Those made of sugar skipped our photo walk. But there were plenty of attendees who made it at 10:30.

After my short talk, I passed my customized Leica’s around so everyone could shoot 1 frame with these customized black cameras.

In theory, the stereo camera should work and the other 2 disposable cameras should work as well. Unfortunately, these disposable cameras were too expired and I should have explained how to use the flash. Original the disposable camera looked like this:

Here are the frames made by the 4 camera’s, frames with some information on it 😉 (a lot of blank/black frames as well, which I didn’t include in this little recap)

So for the next analog events if I want to hand out disposable cameras I might need to write a little manual on how to use a disposable camera.

Analog Club Amsterdam POP-UP Flash exhibition by Members & Friends

When I am planning an ACA analog event I want to do something extras besides a photo walk. So for this 7th event, I came up with an exhibition and a blind print swap. I furthermore manage to get an external exhibit space (really grateful you were up for it).

We accomplish to display 1 print of each member who wanted to participate in our print swap

Jorn, thanks for helping me out on Wednesday. I created a little page for the members who participate:

The ACA POP-UP exhibition

Putting up an exhibition turns out to take more time than I anticipated. But luckily for me, Sarah was so kind to help me out set up the exhibition. We divided the exhibition between 2 spaces at MK24.


© Simon Verkade

Impressions by attendees

Mr. Guy is as usual one of the first ready with developing his film as you can see here. BTW the man brought his awesome Leica M4 set (brassed like h*ll) and called his photo set:
“Bunch of Freaks”


And some photos by Niall

And a little impression by Chie

 I Thank All Of You

I Thank you:

  • for visiting ACA event #7 despite the weather
  • for bringing a good mood
  • for traveling across the country  (Zwolle, Wageningen, Rotterdam, and even Leeuwarden )
  • the expats and foreign students for joining. I hope you made some new connections.
  • Furthermore, I like to thank everyone for their TIKKIE love and I will leave the TIKKIE until it expires ;):

Donate by TIKKIE

Stay healthy, stay safe and let’s keep it analog!

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