Camera Review: Leica Mini II

Introduction Camera Review no. 1: Leica Mini II

I need to get some content for this website and I have to test the cameras that will be sold in the shop. So, why not combine the two and start a camera review category on the website. Haven’t put a review together for the first 20 cameras I have tested and sold already. The honor of the first camera review goes to the point and shoot camera: Leica Mini II with an Elmar 3.5 lens ……… first Leica ever.

To keep the camera reviews within budget, I am using expired film and bulk loaded film to test a camera. For the Leica, camera review I dug up a roll of expired Kodacolor 200. Now you know the details, let’s start with the review:


The Leica Mini II needs one battery (type CR123A) to shoot and another battery (type CR2025 ) to use the databack. The databack is for those who want to be fancy and need imprint a date……tiny problem the date only goes to the year 2019 ;P

How Does The Camera Feel?

Cheap! Yes, I know I want to sell the camera so cheap isn’t a clever word to use and it’s a bit of a contradiction with Leica. But, I can’t help it, getting this camera in hand for the first time the camera feels plasticky and fragile. The Yashica T4/T5 and Mju II are both cameras also made out of plastic and feel firmer.  All 3 types of cameras won’t survive a drop of 1.5 meters to the ground without giving you a “#$#%!#@”


First off, you need to select a setting. 9 out of 10 times I use the flash-off setting. To select one of the settings (+EV, fill-in flash, flash OFF, flash-on, +EV, infinity, infinity+EV) you need to push a button next to the self-timer button.  Be aware that turning the camera off will not remember your last selected setting.
The Leica mini II has a really nice prefocussing mechanism. Just by half-pressing the shutter button you hear the camera do his prefocussing. The sound is not too loud, just enough to know the camera is doing her job. For me, the Leica mini II is a very good point and shoot camera and reminds me of the Yashica T4: You See, You Point and You shoot.

Well, enough of my Engrish here are some photos shoot with the Leica Mini II on the 10th / 11th of May and home developed by me with the Tetenal C-41 kit.

Photos Are Best Served Analog In A Digital World

Summary in Numbers:

Build Quality: 6/10
Handling Quality: 8/10
Image Quality: 9/10

I really enjoyed using the Leica mini 2 camera and I am pleasantly surprised each time I see the photos. Should You Get one? NO, ……………you should get two; one for color and one for black and white

…Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and keep it analog


YES, my Leica Mini 2 is for sale. The price is  €199 exc. shipping

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