ACA x Rijksmuseum: Early Photographs of Japan

Exclusive Preview

Early Photographs of Japan (1 July – 4 September 2022).

Together we will organize an exclusive preview with a tour from the curator. From 1 July, the Rijksmuseum will devote an exhibition to the earliest known Dutch photographs of Japan. It was only by sheer good fortune that Antoon Bauduin’s photographs escaped destruction in a house fire of the family. To restore and conserve the collection for future generations, the family decided to donate more than 100 photographs of which 50 will be shown for the first time in the exhibition Early Photos of Japan. These photographs offer us a glimpse of Japan just as it was opening up its borders, revealing traditions in a changing landscape.

Program Friday 24 June 2022

15:30 entrance via the main entrance of the Rijksmuseum

15:45 start introduction and tour by Hans Rooseboom, curator of photography

16:30 end of the tour and Q&A session about the photographs, the photo collection of the Rijksmuseum or any other burning questions you have for Hans

17:00 end of the program at the Rijksmuseum

Read the Rijksmuseum press release here
Please, reserve your spot on time. Limited Registration, 15 for ACA members and 5 for fans

The program is free but as regular ACA attendees know: Exit-Through-The-Virtual-Gift-Shop applies.

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