Analog Club Amsterdam Photo Contest: [SHAPES] | Analog Photowalk

During our last analog photo walk, I came up with a friendly photo contest with 3 different themes (PLAY, SHAPES, and MOTION).  Many thanks to, FOAM for the products which I can give away and Blast Galaxy for letting us shoot inside. Also big thumbs up to Thomas Manneke and Bas de Graaf for selecting the winners and of course MK24 for the darkroom.

Submissions for SHAPES

The winner and the runner-up for theme [SHAPES] will be selected by Thomas Manneke


Thomas Manneke has selected photo M as the winning photo, because Thomas found foto M the most excited one and as runner-up Thomas choose foto J.

The winner of the Analog Held Case and the Lomography Phantomes Black and White film is: inbeeldbrengen

And runner-up is: Cinta Janssen (familiar name)

This was the last friendly photo contest winner and I would like to thank all who submitted and thank all photowalk participants. I really enjoyed organizing a friendly photo contest for you the analog community. For the next photo walk, I might take [PORTRAIT] as the central theme for the friendly photo contest. So share your favorite portrait photographers in the comments to inspire your fellow analog shooters.

Let’s keep in touch and do another photo walk and/or Analog club Amsterdam meetup soon.

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