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During our last analog photo walk, I came up with a friendly photo contest with 3 different themes (PLAY, SHAPES, and MOTION).  Many thanks to, FOAM and Blast Galaxy for the products I can give away. Also big thumbs up to Thomas Manneke and Bas de Graaf for selecting the winners and of course MK24 for providing the darkroom space.

Submissions for MOTION

The winner + runner up of the theme MOTION will be selected by Bas de Graaf.

Selecting the winner and runner-up for theme [MOTION] is done by the talented Bas de Graaf. I really appreciate it! Here’s Bas de Graaf feedback in Dutch:

  • Winnaar: Photo G. Intrigerend beeld waar je langer naar wilt kijken. Primair het lijnenspel rechtsboven geeft gevoel van beweging.
  • Runner-up: Photo C. Mooie compositie, fietser in beweging. Jammer dat de hele foto iets bewogen is.

Bij de andere beelden voel ik geen beweging. De beweging is eruit gehaald door het moment te verstillen. Dat is misschien de learning uit dit thema.

And by the google bot in English

  • Winner: Photo G. Intriguing image that you want to look at longer. Primarily the lines at the top right give a feeling of movement.
  • Runner-up: Photo C. Nice composition, cyclist in motion. Too bad the whole picture has moved a bit.

I don’t feel any movement with the other images. The movement has been removed by stilling the moment. That may be the learning from this theme.



The winner and runner-up for the theme [MOTION].

The winner of the big Paterson 3 reel Tank (big up to – show them some love) is: Cinta Janssen
And runner-up and who gets the FOAM magazine is (say hi to FOAM magazine from me): Dmitrii Soldatov

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