Started a Youtube channel :: POV Street Photography Sketchbook

YouTube :: Street Photography Sketchbook

Ok, I have a youtube channel for some years now. But I haven’t uploaded on a regular basis, and nothing really interesting. I was also overthinking the whole process of starting a channel and which content to create, and how to show it.  I wanted to come up with something new and surprising.  3 years later everything has already been done and I realize I just need to start and show you the choices I make along the way.

What to expect on my photography Youtube channel?

I am personally a sucker for artist’s sketchbooks, WIP, POV videos, and I really like unpolished videos. I also like to take pictures like one of my favorite photographers (Daido Moriyama); quick and dirty. Or like William Eggleston; shoot what you like. I mostly shoot with film and I have a light preference for black and white. But just as with food it depends on the taste I wake up with.
So with all this in mind I see my POV vids as part of an online sketchbook I am putting together and in the end, will result in a little photo book or zine.
So don’t expect slick footage on my channel and a lot of talking-head clips for now. I do as I do and hopefully, you can appreciate it. Maybe you can learn a thing or 2 (what NOT to do or maybe some content inspires you), and else appreciate the scenery I am wandering around.
But if you have a special request; a scenery you like me to shoot, a review I should do or suggestions for a theme I should photograph don’t hesitate and leave me a message or comment.

Oh, before I forget as I see this all the time:

“Like and subscribe as it helps me with the Youtube algorithm”

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