Screening: World Largest Darkroom

Past Event

On February 9th we had our first event. In collaboration with MK24, Analog Club Amsterdam showed the documentary: “Oneshot: inchidown – World’s Largest Darkrooom” in a proper and friendly cinema: Studio/K in Amsterdam.

We have managed and been given permission to show you the movie about the largest darkroom in the world. I heard about this film in a podcast (Sunny 16 Podcast; Ep. 181) and I was immediately intrigued and contacted David (1 of 2 guys) with the request if I could have a screening with their film. I was stoked when they (Simon & Dave) said “yes”, so now Analog Club Amsterdam will have their first screening on February 9th.

Ok, I have not yet seen the film/documentary myself. So just like you, I am clueless why the guys want to do this. But one thing is for sure; “world’s largest darkroom” is something we as analog lovers need to check out and we can have a chat afterward.

Spots are limited:

Trailer Time

Details & Reservation

TITLE: One Shot: Inchindown
Made by Simon & Dave (Tanky Productions)
WHEN: Sunday February 9th
TIME: 10:00 - 11:45
LOCATION: Studio/K - Timorplein 62 - Amsterdam
Screening is free for members and non-members, but it would be highly appreciated if non-members make a small donation. 
Screening is a collab with:

This screening is free of charge. You can decide on the value yourself and pay as you like, by visiting our support page: