Moving Pictures And Documentaries About Analog Photography

Last Update: September 9th 2020

Ok, training the eyes by watching how other photographers are doing it?! How they frame their photos? What kind of workflow they have? Here’s a list of must-see documentaries
If you have the urge to share a documentary or feel to say what you have to say use the comments section, please

  1. Talking About Americans you need to know  Robert Capa
  2. From Fashion to Street master William Klein
  3. Saul Leite: A man of color
  4. Dutch Photographer Dana Lixenberg: Hip-hop Hooray – LA riots
  5. A collection of Street Photographers
  6. Robin de Puy: Strong Dutch Roadtrip Woman
  7. Daido Moriyama: Barry’s Favorite from Japan
  8. David Hockney: Painter Photographer
  9. Harry Gruyaert: Belgium Magnum
  10. Hasselblad Fanboys: Hassy Soldiers
  11. Ed van der Elsken:  The City of Amsterdam Filmed by a Street photographer who inspired Daido Moriyama
  12. Dorothea Lange: Strong Woman (no not Vivian Maier)
  13. Joel Meyerowitz:  New York City anyone?
  14. Mark Feeney: A Powerpoint on Photography
  15. Garry Winogrand
  16. And a nice TV program on photography on the Dutch television in 2015
  17. Ilja Meefout: Because of my hip-hop heart …….nothing to see just audio with Ilja Meefout and some great sounds from 90s hip-hop: “Yeah, Boiiii”
  18. Cor Jaring: Another Dutch Amsterdam bases Master
  19. Fashion by Helmut Lang  (1 of 5)
  20. William Eggleston
  21. Photographers and Covid-19
  22. Trent Parke: The following link was especially for members Hans and James and their love for Nikonos and Surfing
  23. Fan Ho: Master of Long Shadows and Fog
  24. Super Youtube Channel About Photography, made their own little documentaries
  25. On Netflix Mick Rock
  26. Tokyo Noise 2002 (not only photography, there are just 2 photographers
  27. Just Someone on the internet collecting some nice black and white photos (<70s)
  28. I know a lot of Analog Club Amsterdam members shoot with a nice Hasselblad, so
  29. World Press Photo 2020 a bit different, thanks to Covid

Not Only Moving Pictures can trigger the creativity, what about these links:

  1. British Journal Online
  2. New York Times

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