Feedback Session Pilot

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Are you ready for a new service: a collab between ACA x Anna Trap for the photography community. A 1,5 hour session where we look at each other's work and give feedback. These sessions will be organized once every two months. Main goal is to learn and get inspired from looking and talking about each other's work.

We have set a maximum of 8 persons per session at the moment. You submit 4 photographs one week before the session, can be within a theme or without. Our first pilot session is without a theme. With the feedback-group we will look at the photographs (which are put in a random order) on a big screen and discuss what works, and why. What do you see, what do you not see? What does the photo do to you? You can use this session to show new work, series you are working on, techniques you are testing out, or just random analog pictures you feel like receiving feedback on.

The session will be prepared by Anna and Barry but it is supposed to be a participatory practice: everyone engages and gives as well as receives feedback. We start every session by looking at an established photographer's work. We can talk about standpoint, golden ratio, framing, light, aperture, contrast, storyline etc. Just to be clear this is NOT a portfolio review session.

Please, fill in the form below and if you are one of the first 8 we will contact you and ask you to send in 4 of your (best?) analog photographs. Can be a small series but doesn’t have to be.