Feedback Session II

Covid Rules Apply:
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Welcome to our 2nd feedback session. We know this is on short notice and the session will go on with at least 6 attendees. Our guess is we know for sure on Saturday at 17:00 how many attendees there will be. The feedback session is 1,5 - 2 hour analog get together where we look at each other's work and give feedback. Main goal is to learn and get inspired from looking and talking about each other's photo work.

We have set a maximum of 7 persons per session at the moment. And we ask you to submit 3 photos. With the feedback-group we will look at the photographs (which are put in a random order) on a big screen and discuss what works, and why. What do you see, what do you not see? What does the photo do to you? You can use this session to show new work, series you are working on, techniques you are testing out, or just random analog pictures you feel like receiving feedback on.

The feedback session is supposed to be a participatory practice: everyone engages and gives as well as receives feedback. We like the session to have a positive vibe. We hope you will learn from the feedback on other photography.

BTW: a more critical feedback session will take place next year (2022) called: ROAST MY PHOTO

DATE > Sunday 19th December 2021
TIME > 10.30-12.00
WHERE > Mauritskade 24
DEADLINE submission > 18th December 2021 17:00

Send in 3 of your (best?) photographs. Submit in JPEG.

Please, use this link and fill in the form: