Quick Recap of Analog Photo Walk #8

Just like my other photowalk posts this post will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development time 😉
Last Update: March 14th


As usual here is my quick and dirty recap of an analog event. This time it took place on Sunday March 13th. After another Covid lockdown it was the first ACA  analog event in almost 6 months. With a promo timeframe of 3 weeks I was happy  to reach 60 analog enthusiasts. During the planning of analog event #8, I had some problems arranging an ACA “extra”. With ACA I don’t want to be just a photo walk. It is my intention to organize an analog photowalk or event with something extra. My original plan didn’t came through as 3 locations didn’t want to participate. Fortunately, RAI parking was up for it (special thanks to Lars) . Big UP RAI!!! And of course our good friends of MK24 manage to give us access to an amazing building.

Rooftop Take-Over
How many analog film shooters fits on a rooftop? Well 60 is no problem. Analog Club Amsterdam took over the top the RAI parking deck. No cars just camera’s and film. Walking towards the parking deck the clouds were still there. So it was a nice surprise to see the sun and blue skies when we step out of the elevator. For me as ACA founder it is always a gamble how the attendees will react as I am not telling beforehand which locations we will visit during our photo walk. Based on the smiling faces and getting positive feedback I guess the RAI parking lot was a winner.

Walking across Amsterdam


After 45 mins on the RAI Parking deck we headed our way to the next location (which was on the other side of the city, Oostelijke handelskade). I was so stupid to put on my exclusive hurt-my-feet Nike McFetridge vandals. But family to the rescue and we made a pit stop near Rembrandtsplein where we had a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Art Deco building

Ordering 40-50 coffees and handmade sandwich takes some time and was a well deserved rest for some. I did communicate it was a photo WALK ;).  Apparently not all people were at the Italian sandwich bar and the same time. I think it was after 1 hour we continued our way to the 2nd location: Art Deco building at the Oostelijke handelskade.

This 2nd location I already showed a glimpse to Jascha as I have asked him to bring his mobile profoto portrait setup. We were both thinking it would be nice for the attendees to try out a nice flash setup and be each other’s model. Besides the portrait we had a whole room for ourself to rest and to investigate the building and make some nice photos.

After a visit to the art deco building I had a group portrait in mind and maybe I should communicate this in advance as 50% of the people already left or both some food. Anyway with the help of Nuno and his amazing Makina Plaubel 67 we got this group photo:

Analog Club Amsterdam HQ x MK24


During the photo walk i did get some  feedback about my pace, which seems to be too fast. I might need to rethink my ‘i-share-my-live-location” in the group part. I assumed sharing my location would give all individuals the freedom to spread, take photos and don’t get lost as they know the general direction. I wasn’t aiming to be a “tourist guide” and stop at each instagrammable spot 😉 .  So if there are any attendees with clever suggestions, please drop a comment.

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Hope you all enjoyed this version of ACA and in the near future I am planning to go ABROAD, so which country is open for a collaboration with ACA??

*I try to keep with the giving everyone the proper credits if I made a mistake please send me a message