For Sale Canon AF35M II – Autoboy 2 – Canon Point and Shoot Analog Camera

[UPDATE Jan. 13th 2021: I found another Canon AF35M II in my camera vault and this camera is also for sale]
Are you ready for another quick and dirty camera review? Ready, set ………


  • Canon AF35M II

Camera Specs?

  • Fixed (strange) focal length 38mm + nice F2.8.
  • Fully automatic
  • Self-timer
  • Flash
  • Nice lens cover which protects the lens and functions as an on/off switch as well

Where did I test the camera and which film did I use?

  • on the streets of Amsterdam with some Fuji C 200

Background story?

  • The Canon AF35M II aka Sure Shot in the US and aka Auto Boy 2 in Japan from the same period as the Nikon L35AF 2 etc.


  • The Canon is not an all weatherproof camera, but a bit of rain won’t hurt the camera. Just make sure to dry the camera on time. Reflections are awesome to shoot after it has rained.

Here are a couple of individuals snapshots I have taken with the Canon Autoboy II in November 2020. I have to say there’s nothing wrong with this camera if the purpose is to point and shoot.  As a matter of fact, this camera is a nice street photography camera and would even be a better camera if the ISO could be set manually.


  • Simple to use (point and shoot)
  • Flash is can be set manually on/off
  • lens cover
  • nice fixed lens
  • fun to use
  • use of 2x AA batteries (use rechargeable batteries!!)


  • no manual ISO settings ( you can alter the DX-code if you really need another ISO)
  • too simple to use (point and shoot)
  • not a NIKON
  • a bit loud

Contact me by comments or email, please!


[UPDATE Jan. 13th, 2021: I found another Canon AF35M II in my camera vault and the camera is for sale]

Happy shooting and keep it analog

I have to admit I got a little bit of a problem called: G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I have been collecting analog cameras for quite a few years now, should be a decade or so. I am trying to overcome my problem and will sell the majority of my collection and keep just a few cameras. But before I sell a camera I have the urge to test the camera and write a little review (or maybe ask one of my fellow club members to do so).

2 thoughts on “For Sale Canon AF35M II – Autoboy 2 – Canon Point and Shoot Analog Camera

  1. Hi, I’m interested in buying the camera, please contact me by email. Thanks!!

    1. Hello Margarita,

      My apologies for my late reply.
      I already have someone with an option on this camera by Wednesday I will know if he still is interested. I will check my camera vault if I have another Canon AF35M.

      I have another Canon AF35M II, see the update of this post

      Kind regards,

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