Analog Meetup and little Photowalk: my little post walk write up

Week 26 2020 in Amsterdam had some warm days (30+° is considered hot here in Amsterdam ). So I decided to close the darkroom and instead organize an informal analog meetup on Friday, June 26th, which started in a park (Beatrixpark). Because of the Covid-19 situation, I wanted to avoid crowded bars, restaurants, and terraces. Yes, you read it correctly (me = Barry ) avoiding crowded places. I had chosen a park which was near a business center with buildings, where I hoped the sun would cause some interesting shadows, structures, and lines. Unfortunately, it was getting cloudy at 20:00.

I was really glad 14 analog shooters were able to find the meeting spot and brought their precious analog camera along. After 30 mins warming up the grass and some chit-chat we went for a photo walk to the Zuid-As.

Here are some random frames shot during the First Analog Club Amsterdam Photowalk. Made by talents like: Martin Wilmsen Cinta Janssen Msplcobjcts Raul


Using expired film is always a gamble and using expired E6 slide film can give you a yellowish surprise. Just ask Mr. Moerman who loaded his Leica M6 with expired slide film 😉

Next time I might need to invite a dedicated videographer to capture our Analog Club Amsterdam photo walk 😉

Looking At All the international photo walks there seems always to be a moment to take a photo of all the analog cameras present during an analog walk. So here is a unique behind the scene video and laughter during a photo walk has to be a good sign:

14 Analog Photographers In Amsterdam
Analog Photographers and their precious cameras

I must admit sharing our first meetup, Analog Club Amsterdam Photo walk on Instagram, and getting the likes and positive feedback is very addictive. I am looking forward to organize many more meetups and photo walks in the future. These will be the hashtags on Instagram #acaphotowalk #acameetup

If you like to join or have any input, feel free to leave a comment under this post or

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  1. Nice one! Ik kan volgende keer wel filmen als je wilt. 😉

    1. Graag, zou super zijn! We keep in touch 😉

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