Analog Photography: Friendly Photo Contest

Photo Contest Themes

Besides Blast Galaxy I contacted a couple of other organizations to see if they would participate in a giveaway in the form of a photo contest. And I was happily surprised with the positive messages I got back from FOAM and . They were game to give me some products (magazines and analog photography-related products) for the friendly photo contest. I also looked in my own vault to see which camera could use a new owner and it was time for me to say goodbye to my Konica C35.
I have communicated the following 3 themes with the participants:

  • SHAPES ( winner + runner-up selected by Thomas Manneke)
    • Thomas Manneke; Photographer and teacher who made a total of 5 photo books so far. If you live in Amsterdam you can’t have seen his latest SOLD-OUT book: Mutatio
  • PLAY (winner + runner-up selected by TBA)
  • MOTION (winner + runner-up selected by Bas de Graaf)
    • Bas de Graaf Photographer and friend; Highly skilled design artist and photographer. He is a longtime next level Leicaphile!

Photo Contest Prizes

I am curious which frames have been shoot during the photowalk and how many photo contest entries there are.

How to Enter the Photo Contest?

Each participant of the photowalk can enter per theme-based contest with 2 photos or 1 maybe a photo serie.  Just send your entry per theme to with:

    • subject line: [theme] [title (if you have one)][instagram name]
    • in the body text:  your camera and film roll used and any information you like to share with the community, please.
    • attach the photo files
    • your name
    • deadline: Friday October 16th

Now let’s see which frames are coming in and stay tuned who and how the winners are selected.

Little Recap

For those who are curious about how a typical analog photowalk looks like and what to expect when you are joining a future Analog Club Amsterdam Photowalk. Here you can read and watch a little recap:

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