Analog Event 16 :: Show Yourself – a photowalk and photo exhibition by participants

Just like my other photowalk articles this article will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development times 😉
Last Update: December 9th 2023

Organizing a photowalk in Amsterdam during the last months of the year poses a challenge. This is primarily because not every attendee sees themselves as the next Brassai or Herzog—the masters who elevated photographing in the rain to an art form in its own right.

Given that the previous ACA event took place back in July, it was high time for another photowalk. This time, I aimed to arrange an indoor activity due to the potentially rainy and unfavorable weather in Amsterdam during November. As you may be aware, we Dutchies are not easily deterred by a little rain (well, there’s a Dutch saying that translates nicely; you know, we’re not made of sugar! ;p). However, Analog Club Amsterdam comprises an international group of analog enthusiasts, so my search for a suitable exhibition space began in October.

(setting up a nice popup exhibit with the help of Jorn in back in october 2021)

In October 2021, we hosted a unique exhibition featuring a blind print swap. During that event, each participant received a random number corresponding to a print on display, which they could take home. The blind print swap exhibition was a success and took place at ACA HQ (MK24, Mauritskade 24). While MK24 would have been the most straightforward choice for ACA #16, it is currently undergoing renovation to become climate neutral (excitingly, the darkroom will be rebuilt too).

With MK24 unavailable, my search persisted, leading me to discover the perfect venue. Located in the city center, larger than anticipated, and still relatively unknown to ACA attendees, WIHH Gallery became the chosen exhibition space. As the gallery is closed on Sundays, the analog event was scheduled for a Saturday (November 25th).

As is customary with many ACA photowalks, there’s always something extra. Often, this involves Jascha’s mobile studio setup. Unfortunately, Jascha couldn’t make it this time. However, a new attendee, Ron Moelijker (who first joined at ACA #15), stepped up and graciously conducted an extensive photography workshop.

Considering the weather forecast, we decided on the shortest photowalk in ACA history. Our journey began from Amsterdam Central Station on the eastern IJ-side under the letter A of Amsterdam. Admittedly, it was my mistake; Amsterdam boasts two A’s, but in my defense, I specified the East side. Starting with 40-45 individuals, the group eventually swelled to a total of 60 attendees.

Sharing my live location :: On Matthijs his phone framed by Piotr

I consistently strive to share my live location. Our route from Amsterdam Central took us past notable landmarks, including, Zeedijk, Damrak, Nes, and Rokin (with a coffee and lunch break at my daughter’s place). We made a slight detour to retrieve Ron’s studio setup from the parking garage before heading to WIHH Gallery on Reguliersdwarsstraat. Following a brief welcome talk by one of the gallery curators, we had the opportunity to display our own prints. Meanwhile, Ron, with the assistance of some attendees, set up his extensive photography setup downstairs.


“Inspiring to be surrounded by so much creativity, ideas and fellow analog heads!”
– By James


Exit through the gift shop
Exit through the gift shop!

Around 13:00, with every print in its designated spot, we gathered for a group photo, officially opening the exhibition. The subsequent moments were filled with beers and engaging conversations among like-minded individuals. Why not consider joining the next ACA analog event? Stay connected on Instagram or sign up for the newsletter.

By Tomek


By Matthijs

By Henrique

And the development process by Ron Moelijker


By Sergey


Hope to see you next year! For another exhibition, feedback session, workshop and more ……..

Exit through the gift shop
Exit through the gift shop!

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