Analog Event #14 :: Motherday Edition part 1

Just like my other photowalk articles this article will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development times 😉
Last Update: May 29th 2023

So normally I do a little write-up in my broken English (i am too lazy to get back to school again, but i might do a little writing course (or use our friend ChatGPT)). But for this edition I have asked a couple of attendees to write a little text how they persived this ACA event. And what better way to get an impression of an ACA event by reading experiences of the attendees.
(see also part II:

Yesterday, we had the best day (as always)with the Analogue Club Amsterdam! Barry (phonetically “Berry”) took the group to the RAI Convention Centre carpark where we could photograph interesting structures and shapes, and each other. The sun was out, the vibe was good and film was used in abundance. It is so much fun to see the passion that these photographers have for the art of film.

After the carpark, we slowly made our way to the Amstelpark. Luckily for us, there was a Feel Good Market. Lots of photo moments, and good food… and great coffee! I took a few photos of the Hat-Lady. She was willing to pose with every hat she made.

From the Amstelpark we made our way towards the Amstel, and from there to ACA HQ. I came across a man who was fishing, and I noticed that he was missing part of his arm. His name was Illia, a former soldier from Ukraine, who was treated for his wound in the Netherlands. With google translate I asked him if I could make a few photos of him. He proudly showed me his arm. I took my shots.

These photowalks are essential in keeping the photography going. It’s such a stimulus, with likeminded people. Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Barry!!

By Jelle –


As a first time visitor, the experience was great and really inspired me to join along more often. Hope to see you all next meet! – By Bas den Bouw (


9.40AM on Sunday. It was cooler than I expected but the warmth of the sun could already be felt. As I arrived early at the meeting point at the Rai Amsterdam, there was no sign of ACA members yet. I started to look for nice frames and as I did so, I saw people with analogy cameras appearing at the horizon. One after the other arrived. The sound of backdoors and film cannisters took over as the cameras where loaded with film. After a little while we were all ready to rumble!

The beautiful walk took us via the roof of a parkinglot, providing great views over Amsterdam, through a lovely food market in the Amstelpark , back to MK24 alongside the Amstel. It was a beautiful day to meet and hang out with likeminded people. Can’t wait for the rolls to be finished!

By Thom Schuurman

Beautiful Kim handed me over one of her nice magazine about short and long moments in Zwolle (city in the Neterlands) © Kim Versteegh

I love ACA! I think it’s amazing how Barry (the initiator and organizer) creates and facilitates this cool community where everyone is welcome. Photowalking is relaxing and I enjoy being able to either connect and make friends with people who have the same interests (nerds united!) and to do some nicely put together sight seeing of Amsterdam.
I love the idea that you can donate freely and it’s surely worth it!

By Kim Versteegh (@vrijrein)


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