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Past Event #2: Cameras and Drinks

Friday June 26th became our first ACA photowalk after we had some drinks in the Beatrixpark. More about this informal evening my little summary

Past Event

On February 9th we had our first event. In collaboration with MK24, Analog Club Amsterdam showed the documentary: “Oneshot: inchidown – World’s Largest Darkrooom” in a proper and friendly cinema: Studio/K in Amsterdam.

We have managed and been given permission to show you the movie about the largest darkroom in the world. I heard about this film in a podcast (Sunny 16 Podcast; Ep. 181) and I was immediately intrigued and contacted David (1 of 2 guys) with the request if I could have a screening with their film. I was stoked when they (Simon & Dave) said “yes”, so now Analog Club Amsterdam will have their first screening on February 9th.

Ok, I have not yet seen the film/documentary myself. So just like you, I am clueless why the guys want to do this. But one thing is for sure; “world’s largest darkroom” is something we as analog lovers need to check out and we can have a chat afterward.

Spots are limited:

Details & Reservation

TITLE: One Shot: Inchindown
Made by Simon & Dave (Tanky Productions)
WHEN: Sunday February 9th
TIME: 10:00 - 11:45
LOCATION: Studio/K - Timorplein 62 - Amsterdam
Screening is free for members and non-members, but it would be highly appreciated if non-members make a small donation. 
Screening is a collab with:

This screening is free of charge. You can decide on the value yourself and pay as you like, by visiting our support page: