Analog Club Amsterdam Event #11: Nice little Collab with Vrije Academie

Just like my other photowalk articles this article will be updated regularly, as photos taken by participants have different development times 😉
Last Update: Nov 3rd 2022

October 30th, in Amsterdam. So it was a sunny Sunday and glad I pick this day to organize Analog Event #11. My aim is to organize an analog event every 2 months. Due to circumstances I skipped the July/Augustus edition. So for this edition I needed some inspiration on where to start and to see which organization I could contact for a collaboration.  Luckily for me I follow Jasper Krabbe and Annemarieke van Drimmelen IG accounts as they announced their vernissage of exhibition “June” at the Vrije Academie

I am always in for a nice vernissage, so October 7th was the first time i visited the Vrije Academie for the exhibition “June”. And immediately i reckon i have founded the place to start Analog Event #11. After a nice and positive conversation with the social media team of the Vrije Academie and a short tour by Anne Fleur, we came up with the idea to start analog event #11 at Vrije academie.
Group Photo Analog Club Amsterdam

Meetup and growing community

This time the meerup point was the subway station Rokin above ground at 09:15 and we walk towards the Vrije Academie at 09:30.  The registration counter was 103 and approximately 80 people made the trip early Sunday morning. I am always sharing my live location and this time as well there were 10-15 persons joining the walk on a later time. Here’s a litte video impression of the day.

SHOUT OUT to Jascha
A special shout out for Jascha who dragged his mobile profoto studio along the photowalk. Thanks my friend for doing that the last few walks. I might need get a sponsorship deal with profoto for the club.

Following frames are by Rob Haring with a 15mm lens

And a couple of frames by Moritz aka Captain Lee Hooker

And some frames by Jelle

And as usual this is my money making part – exit through the gift shop part – asking for Tikkie love:  until 13 nov. 2022